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The effects of Lagos traffic congestion to businesses
27 Nov

The presence of heavy road congestion on every major road in Lagos is no longer news even to those looking for CDL A Truck Driver Positions. Visitors cannot but feel pitiful for Lagosians who seem to have become used to the stressful condition. Not only are people being affected by the long hours of still movement in traffic; businesses are losing millions everyday to this unlikable condition. If you have a business and you to enhance it you need to know that with outside payroll administration services, you simply telephone their offices, give them the hours, deductions, and salary amounts of your employees, and the firm processes the check. Many services also let you update employee payroll information on their Web sites.

Workers and entrepreneurs in Lagos are frequently limited by traffic congestion in conducting their daily businesses and activities, and this affects their planning and passive income ideas for that day. In addition to this, Lagosians have to put up with the economically dented and polluted environment that is a result of traffic congestion on a regular basis and deal with the outcomes as well. Our write-up today is pointed towards the effects of traffic congestion on businesses in Lagos.

How traffic congestion affects businesses in Lagos

  1. Negatively affects workers efficiency

One of the evident troubles caused by traffic congestion is inability to meet up with business time schedules. Workers resume late to work and late to business meeting while many who meet up with business meetings had abandoned other important engagements to do so.

As a Lagosian, I remember many times when I got to a business meeting already exhausted from the stress of the journey. In such a situation, one’s effectiveness and alertness during the meeting is negatively affected.

  1. Affects Business transactions

Business transactions in areas heavily congested are limited as people naturally tend to avoid such locations. Lagos loses about N42 billion every year, says, the governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, and this is because daily traffic congestion affects productivity in the state.

  1. Causes inflation and scarcity

Road traffic congestion is one of the major causes of inflation and scarcity. When movement of goods and services from one location to another is interrupted by lack of quick accessibility due to traffic congestion, the resultant effect is scarcity and inflation of such goods and services.

There are also cases when goods get destroyed on transit due to lack of good road networks. Also perishable goods at times end up perishing on these heavily congested roads.

Transporters also are forced to inflate transportation price in other to meet-up with the cost of fuel and other transportation cost.

  1. Causes Pollution which affects peoples efficiency

Congestion is know as one of the leading cause of air pollution in Lagos.

Productivity is impacted in three ways by the menace of traffic congestion, according to the International Review of Management and Business Research(IRMBR) journal, and one of these ways is “by increasing unit costs through loss of opportunities for scale economies in production and delivery processes.”

We at Mas Global Express and Logistics Limited, urge the government to do everything in its power to ease movement of people, goods and services in Lagos State. Make sure to check out loans with bad credit from

In our next post we will try to look at the causes of traffic congestion in Lagos State and then the possible solution that the government can adopt to make a traffic congestion FREE Lagos possible.