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Why You Need a Professional Food Export Service in Nigeria
20 Nov

Now that the Nigerian food-stuff export market affords you the opportunity of starting the export business on a small scale, trading your local food abroad has become important due to the increased population of Nigerians traveling abroad for greener pastures and education.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to find foreigners selling Nigerian foods in places like China, U.S., & U.K or owning shops that sell such products.

This is the best time to join this business. However, you would need a trusted food export service provider in Nigeria to streamline the shipping process for you.


Smoked Fish


Beans flour

Melon seed (Egusi)


Yam flour / Cassava flour


Dried pumpkin leaf (ugu leaf)





Product Sourcing:  Every exporter is strongly advised for their best financial interest to select foodstuffs which they intend to export based on accessibility and availability.

How new entrants can get buyers: You can get buyers by advertising your product on line, you can have a websites where you will display your product. Make use of social site like facebook or twitter, you can also register with some trade sites like Alibaba, ,tradekey and so on. You can advertise your product as a free member. It will also give you a privilege to chat with foodstuff buyers abroad.

How to identify genuine buyers:  You will receive mails from intending new buyers but you will need to ask them some relevance questions like their Company registration details, phone numbers, and office address, ask them if they have an office or a relative here in Nigeria that you can deal with, you will also need to ask them to give you the list of their customers here in Nigeria, this will allow you to know how genuine and reputable they are in the foodstuff importation industry. However you need to agree on a particular payment pattern.

How to deal with responses:  A lot of response will be coming from some Nigerians and Africans that operate African shops in foreign Counties, because some of them are looking for foodstuffs distributors you may need to send free samples to some of them, while you make them chose the right packaging pattern for the product you are sending.

How to send your product: Get a reliable freight forwarding company that get your goods delivered without any delay in time. Mas Global is here to serve you better by delivering your products within three days maximum by airfreight and 60 working days maximum for sea freight.

Higher Return on Investment.
Guaranteed Pre-determined Profit.
Short Turn around Period.
Zero Taxation.
Access to Export Grants.
Access to Micro Finance Loans.

Overcoming low growth in the home market.


Some of the challenges faced by Nigerians foodstuff exporters are:

Stringent sanitary and PhytoSanitary (SPS) requirements.

High cost of exportation and poor trade facilitation system.

Difficulty in accessing finance and credit facilities by new exporters.

Lack of adequate training and modern equipment in processing value-added agricultural products.

Lack of basic information about doing business in the US market coupled with laziness on the side of entrepreneur to read and explore useful information most importantly, Packaging and labeling.

Nigerians who are ready to start this business should keep themselves informed with current information on documentation both home and abroad. There is need for more exporters as few Nigerians who are currently in foodstuff exportation sector cannot meet the demand of millions of yearning Africans in US and UK.